Decluttering the house might seem like a lot of work at first glance. When you haven’t cleaned or decluttered in quite some time, the task can seem overwhelming. There are boxes piled high in the garage, toys all over the children’s bedrooms, and random knick-knacks here and there.

Where do you begin? How will you know how to declutter without causing stress?

In the guide below, there are several tips for decluttering you’ll want to know about right away. Continue reading to learn some easy ways to declutter today!

Plan Ahead and Give Yourself Time

If you want to declutter stress-free, then you’ll need to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time. Trying to complete a big decluttering task last minute or all in one day can be a hassle. Instead, think ahead.

Know exactly what rooms need decluttering and decide which ones to tackle first. Give yourself a week or so to dedicate to decluttering the entire house.

Organize in Three Separate Piles

Once you’re ready to begin the process, organize all the items in the room into three separate piles. One pile should be for items to keep, one for items to sell, and the last pile is for donations. This is a great way to declutter each room.

After you have everything into their piles, you can then remove the sell and donate piles. You’ll be left with much more space in the room.

Take On One Task at a Time

Trying to declutter an entire house at one time is overwhelming no matter who you are. The best thing to do to reduce stress and hassle is to take on one task at a time. How you plan this is up to you.

For example, you can take on one room at a time or one section of a room at a time. Just be sure to finish one task before starting another.

Add Shelving and Organizers

Adding extra shelving and organizers can help you declutter quickly. If you have more storage and organization options, then you can put away all your personal items and keep them out of sight while still knowing exactly where they are.

Try to think outside the box as well, such as investing in furniture that doubles as storage.

Contact Professional House Cleaning Services

Even with all the best tips for easy decluttering, the task can still seem overwhelming when you have a lot of items or a large home. Use the advice given above to prevent your home from becoming cluttered, but don’t hesitate to contact professional house cleaning services either.

Professional cleaners in Columbus, Ohio will conduct deep cleaning, reoccurring cleaning, and even green cleaning if desired. You can sit back and relax and let the professional do all the hard work for you.

Know How to Declutter the Hassle-Free Way

When you know how to declutter the hassle-free way, you save yourself a lot of stress. Having professional cleaners do the work for you is one of the best ways to ensure your house will be cleaned thoroughly.

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