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Our professional house cleaning services are available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonally or one-time. We also offer post-construction / remodeling deep cleans and move in/out cleanings to help make your home glistening and fresh.

Our professional commercial cleaning services are provided on your schedule to help ensure a clean, comfortable work setting. We service schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, fitness centers and more.

We also specialize in meeting the demands of the construction and real estate industries. Preparing sites for new tenant move-ins, construction site clean up and tenant move-out clean up are a part of our standard services. When a deep clean is required on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, Anco Cleaning will be there to provide help.

7 Reasons To Hire Professional Maid Service

Menoken, ND House Cleaners

While it is everyone’s wish to live in a clean environment, the majority (80%) of Americans struggle to keep their homes clean. One of the reasons is that many hardly have the time (or energy) to do so every day. Those that try to clean their homes only do so on areas they can access easily, leaving ‘blackholes’ in hard-to-reach areas. You, however, don’t have to struggle to keep your home clean – a professional maid service can help. These professionals have the experience and expertise needed to clean any mess, leaving every inch of your home sparkling clean.

If house chores scare you or you do not have time to clean your home, a professional maid service is your next best option. Is the service worth my time and money? One may wonder. Here are 7 reasons and benefits of hiring a professional maid service.

1. It Saves Time

Cleaning a home requires time and dedication. It can take several hours to scrub, dust, vacuum, and do laundry at home, making it an impossible task for individuals with other time-demanding tasks. Hiring a professional house cleaner saves you the time and hassle of keeping the house, with exceptional results. Hiring a cleaner not only saves you time to focus on your work but also allows you time to spend with your loved ones during weekends and holidays. Many Americans spend their weekends and holidays trying to clean and keep their homes organized, at the cost of time with their family and loved ones. Professional maid service can help save you time to focus on what matters most.

2. It Saves Money

Unlike popular belief, professional maid services are more affordable than you think. If you calculate the cost of detergents, cleaners, and energy against what cleaning services charge, it’s possible you have been spending more. Professional cleaners invest in the best cleaning supplies and equipment, most of which the average homeowner wouldn’t afford. You thus don’t have to worry if your washing machine isn’t working, as the cleaners will bring theirs.

Hiring a professional cleaner also means you don’t have to stock up on cleaning supplies. Although you’ll need a few to help with quick touchups, there’s no use buying more than is required. The price of cleaning supplies has been hitting record highs lately. You will thus be saving lots of money per month from hiring a professional cleaner than doing the cleaning yourself.

3. You Are Guaranteed of a Cleaner Home

Hiring the services of a professional cleaner is a guarantee of a clean and neat home. Although your life might be hectic, nothing soothes more than coming home to a fresh, smelling, clean home. These professionals go the extra mile to deep clean your home and pay special attention to areas you are less likely to clean yourself. They’ll not only clean and vacuum but also scrub and disinfect every inch of your home.

Professional cleaners will also do a better job than you’d do alone. This is because these professionals not only do this for a living but also love what they do. They thus strive to ensure you (their client) will come home to a spotless home without overlooking anywhere. This is especially so, considering most of us hardly clean under heavy furniture and equipment, or even ceiling fans while the professionals will. You will be surprised how clean your home will be when you come back.

4. A Healthier Home

Although many people strive to keep their homes clean by wiping down surfaces, there still is a risk of germs and bacteria growing – mostly in dark spots and rarely cleaned surfaces. People coming in are also likely to bring germs inside, increasing the risk of infection. A dirty air conditioner, especially the fans and air vents, can also compromise indoor air quality too. A casual wipe or scrub is less likely to keep your home germ-free, a reason you should consider using a professional maid service.

As mentioned before, professional cleaners won’t just clean the top of surfaces, but also under, to ensure every inch is clean and disinfected. Germs and bacteria don’t survive in clean/sterile environments, meaning your family won’t be at risk. As an added advantage, getting your home cleaned professionally also reduces the risk of a pest infestation. Cockroaches, ants, flies, and other pests will find your home too clean for their liking, forcing them to look elsewhere.

With every inch clean, and no pests in the house, the risk of foodborne illnesses and other infections is significantly reduced. These experts aren’t just trained to clean your home but will also leave it well organized and neat. You can thus rest assured of a healthy home and, most importantly, improve your mental well-being.

5. Protect Your Household Items and Surfaces

Very few of us properly understand how various cleaning materials work where and how they should be used. An excellent example of this is using dishwasher soap to clean fabrics or carpet stains. While the detergents may seem to work, they will damage the carpet fibers in the long run, hence not recommended. On the other hand, professional cleaners are well trained and know exactly what detergents to use on different appliances, surfaces, and furniture. Using the correct detergent on the right application protects it from possible damage. Using the right detergent and cleaning methods leaves your surfaces and household items clean and prolongs their lifespan.

Many homeowners don’t create time to clean most of their bulky equipment, such as dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Not cleaning this equipment only leaves them exposed to elements that affect their efficiency and lifespan. Luckily, professional cleaners will get your appliances appropriately cleaned on each visit, protecting them from damage in the long run.

6. Fight Stubborn Stains and Pet Related Odors

While pets make lovely friends, they can sometimes leave funky spots and offensive smells on your carpets, walls, and fabrics. Cleaning pet hair from your beloved carpets/rugs isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. Luckily, professional cleaners have the expertise, experience, and equipment needed for just that. They will not just remove the stubborn stains and hairs from the fabrics but also deodorize them. They come equipped with everything from degreasers, cleaners, and deodorizers, perfect for the job.

Having professional cleaners clean your home regularly can thus help prevent the unwanted smells and hairs from your home, allowing you to live more comfortably. You also won’t ever have to worry about stinky cat litter anymore.

7. Professional Cleaners Are Efficient

House Cleaners in Menoken, NDMost of us do not have a working formula, especially when doing general cleaning. Many will start anywhere, moving randomly until the work is done. While this may seem to work, it also means you’ll be using more time and energy than necessary for a simple cleaning job. There’s also a chance you’ll miss a few spots in the process.

Professional cleaners, however, have a systematic system that helps them stay on track and clean every inch of the house. Many will create a checklist first before starting on the task at hand. This makes them efficient, thorough, and, more importantly, saves time and energy.

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