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Our professional house cleaning services are offered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonally or one-time. We also specialize in post-construction / remodeling deep cleans and move in/out cleanings to help get your home glistening and refreshed.

Our professional commercial cleaning services are provided on your schedule to help ensure a clean, comfortable work setting. We serve schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, fitness centers and more.

We also specialize in fulfilling the demands of the construction and real estate industries. Readying sites for new tenant move-ins, construction site clean up and tenant move-out clean up are a part of our standard services. When a deep clean is required on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, Anco will be there to provide help.

5 Things to Consider When Hiring Professionals to Clean Your House

Lincoln, ND House Cleaners

The need for professional house cleaning has significantly increased due to the increase in two-income households. Statistics show that the industry was worth almost $300 billion in 2019 and there has only been a steady increase in its growth. Are you sick and tired of the mess in your home and desire to stay on top of it? The most prudent thing would be hiring professionals. The work gets done, no matter if you’re too busy to do it.

It’s worth noting that an untidy home may affect your mental wellness. Clutter boosts the stress hormone cortisol, decreases working memory, and reduces overall life satisfaction.

If you think your house needs some cleaning, consider leaving it to the experts. Apart from having a tidy and sanitary place you can call home, you’ll get the time and freedom for doing other valuable things in your life.

Read on to learn what you ought to be looking for when hiring house cleaners.

Flexible Schedules

One of the most important things when choosing someone to clean your home is making sure they can work with your specific schedule. It won’t make any sense to hire a cleaning service that can’t show up when you need the job done.

Find out more about the specific timeframes in which your cleaners work. Check to see whether they’re available on evenings or weekends if that’s what you’re looking for.

It would also be best to establish whether you want to be around when the cleaners visit. Perhaps this is important for the first few visits. Ensure that this is mutually agreeable.

After several sessions, you may decide whether you feel comfortable allowing the cleaners to come when you aren’t around. It makes it much easier to fit it into your schedule.

Reliable Communication

Ensuring easy communication with your cleaners is essential. It enables you to tell them whatever you need to be done and enables them to inform you how they perform the job and everything you should expect.

Usually, a language barrier is a problem in this case. Showing respect to your cleaners is imperative! As such, try learning a little lingo so you may converse in their language. Apart from building rapport, putting in an effort ensures that you understand each other.

Similarly, you should ensure that you maintain effective communication with the home office. You need helpful and quality customer service and you have to be certain that you can reach the office if need be.

Positive Reviews

Checking online reviews will undoubtedly help you choose a reputable house cleaning company. It will offer you some knowledge of the experience that previous customers have. If they only have good experiences, there’s a high likelihood you will have a positive experience as well.

And if you are unsure where to begin, you may consider talking to family and friends who use a cleaning company. They might be able to share the service they use and give positive reviews.

However, in case you find many negative reviews, you most likely need to think twice about choosing that company. If past customers have nothing but bad experiences, chances are it might not work out for you too.


You need to check out that the house cleaning service you hire is insured. There is often a risk of injury. The cleaner could slip and fall down the stairs or even cut themselves on broken glass when doing the dishes.

If your cleaning service isn’t insured for such situations, you might find that you’re accountable for compensating the cleaner for lost wages and medical costs.

Besides, insurance protects your home and possessions. If there’s something damaged or broken, the policy needs to compensate you for that cost. Similarly, insurance should cover you if anything goes missing.

If a company can’t verify they’re insured, it would be best to look elsewhere. Although the likelihood of something happening is low, you want to be covered in such a scenario.

Check the Services

If a cleaning company doesn’t offer the services you need, there will be no sense to hire them. As such, it would help to discuss all the available services before you hire a professional cleaner.

You might need someone who can clean your house regularly. That might include dusting, vacuuming the carpets, and wiping bathrooms. Or maybe you’re looking for a professional who applies only allergy-friendly cleaning supplies.

Perhaps you’re that person who has no problem with performing such routine chores but might use some assistance deep cleaning monthly. It could be cleaning the carpets, the oven, and the upholstery throughout your home.

Establishing your specific requirements may assist to guide you toward the best cleaner to have the job done.

Other Useful Tips for Hiring Professionals

Lincoln, ND House CleanersYour budget is another essential thing to consider. Ensure that the cost for the cleaning services you require is something you can afford. It would help to come up with a number that you’re comfortable with ahead of time.

While cleaners mostly bring their materials, they might also opt to utilize what you have in your house. Understanding this is important so you can give what’s necessary if that’s part of the deal.

Besides insurance, ensure that the cleaning service you pick is licensed and bonded to offer services in your area.

How to Get Started

Undoubtedly, you’ll never regret hiring experts to clean your home. Not only does it keep your house tidy, but it also provides you the time to attend to other valuable things in your life.

In case you’re feeling frustrated about your home’s condition, you’ll feel much better having a professional to have the job done for you.

Are you ready to have the clean house you’ve always desired? Call us today to request a quote and discover how we can help you handle the mess.

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