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Our professional house cleaning services are offered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonally or one-time. We also offer post-construction / remodeling deep cleans and move in/out cleanings to help get your home glistening and refreshed.

Our professional commercial cleaning services are provided on your schedule to help ensure a clean, comfortable work environment. We service schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, fitness centers and more.

We also specialize in fulfilling the demands of the construction and real estate industries. Preparing properties for new tenant move-ins, construction site clean up and tenant move-out clean up are a part of our routine services. When a deep clean is required on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, Anco will be there to provide help.

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Maid Service for Your Home

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Findings from a recent survey indicate that 80% of American homeowners have “cleaning black holes”. These are the areas of your home that always seem impossible to clean or keep organized. Perhaps you don’t know how to go about cleaning these areas or you don’t have the right tools, or there never seems to be enough time.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution: hiring a professional maid service to handle your house cleaning needs. These professionals will leave no stone unturned in their effort to ensure that you come home to a squeaky clean house.

Perhaps you’ve been considering hiring a professional maid service, but have been wondering whether it is truly worth it. Read on to find out 7 compelling reasons why you should hire a professional maid service for your home.

1. Helps to Save You Time

House cleaning is one of the most dreaded tasks. It is not only labor-intensive but also requires a lot of time. For most people, probably you too, finding time in your busy schedule to do proper house cleaning is almost impossible. Fortunately, a professional maid service will do your laundry, vacuum, dust, and thoroughly clean your home top to bottom, while you focus on more important things.

So, instead of wasting away your precious weekends and free time cleaning, why not spend more quality time with family and friends by leaving your house cleaning to professionals.

2. Cost-Effective

At first glance, DIY house cleaning might seem like a much cheaper option than hiring a professional due to the fees involved. However, there is a much bigger picture to consider.

If you are planning on cleaning your house yourself, you will need to invest in cleaning supplies and probably rent cleaning equipment to achieve a decent level of clean. Cleaning supplies can be costly, and frequently having to replenish your stock can end up being very expensive.

On the other hand, professional cleaners come with their own high-quality cleaning supplies and professional-grade cleaning equipment. All this is covered in their fees. You don’t have to worry about spending money buying your own supplies and equipment.

In the long run, hiring a professional maid service will help save you a lot of money.

3. It Ensures a Cleaner Home

Regardless of how busy your schedule is, working with a professional maid service will ensure that you always have a clean home. They will thoroughly clean and disinfect every surface of your home, while you are away at work or handling important personal matters.

Secondly, professional cleaners are more knowledgeable, skilled, and better equipped to handle this task than you are. While it might seem like a bothersome chore to you, for them, cleaning homes is a job and a job they are passionate about. Thus, they will always do a much better job than you can.

A professional cleaner knows how to and has the proper tools to clean even the most hard-to-reach places, for example, underneath surfaces. As a result of being ignored or missed, such surfaces can accumulate a lot of dust.

4. Promotes a Healthier Home

Depending on the amount of foot traffic in and out of your home, your home might be harboring a lot of dust, germs, and bacteria. A professional cleaner will thoroughly clean and disinfect every surface to get rid of contaminants and pathogens.

A poorly cleaned home can pose a serious health risk. Those hard-to-reach areas that are often ignored can accumulate dust and even mold. If these particles make it into your indoor air, they increase the risks of respiratory problems.

A dirty home is like a magnet to cockroaches, flies, rats, and other harmful pests. These pests are known to contaminate food and cause illnesses. Also, if you forget to clean your fridge and other food storage areas, you run the risk of foodborne illnesses. A professional maid service will help to prevent pest infestations and foodborne illnesses, thus saving you a lot of money in health bills and pest control.

Besides ensuring that your house is hygienic, a professional maid service can benefit your mental well-being by minimizing clutter and keeping your home organized.

5. Protects Your Surfaces and Household Items

Different surfaces, furniture, and appliances will require different cleaning supplies and equipment. Professional cleaners know what cleaning supplies and equipment to use on what surfaces to ensure a safe and proper clean. This minimizes the risk of damaging or scratching your household items and surfaces.

Did you know that keeping your appliances clean is one of the best ways to maintain their performance and prolong their lifespan? Professional maid services understand this and know how to take the best care of your appliances.

Appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines can be difficult and time-consuming to clean, which is why most people choose to ignore them. However, a professional maid service can get your appliances squeaky clean within the least time possible. It is recommended you clean your appliances at least two times a month. Professional cleaners have all the tips and techniques for cleaning household appliances and extending their service lifespan.

6. Get Rid of Pet Stains and Odors

Many pet owners consider them precious members of the family. As cute as they may be, they can leave revolting smells and unsightly spots all over your home. Professional cleaners have all the right cleaners, degreasers, and deodorizers to deal with pet-related stains and odors.

Regularly working with a professional maid service gives you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about pet odors lingering in your home and upsetting your guests.

7. Efficiency

Bismarck House Cleaners

Many people don’t usually have a plan of attack when it comes to cleaning their homes. You just start anywhere and move randomly from one area to another. As a result, you can end up spending more time cleaning and even miss some critical areas.

However, cleaning professionals follow a tried and tested cleaning system and remain methodical in their operation. They follow a house cleaning checklist ensuring that no part is missed or repeated, thus saving on time and money.

Hire a Professional Maid Service

As you can see, hiring a professional maid service comes with a wide range of benefits that make it worth every single penny. It allows you to focus on other important things in life, both personal and professional, while maintaining a clean, organized, and hygienic home.

Now that you understand all the great benefits of hiring a professional maid service, you might be wondering; is there a good maid service near me? Anco Cleaning Company has all your house cleaning needs covered. Get in touch with us today to ensure a clean and healthy home.

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